Tuesday Dec 27 Meeting Cancelled

My apologies if you showed up on December 27 to find no one around! The meeting was cancelled, but I had failed to cancel the Meetup event and post an announcement here. Sorry about that. Our meetings will resume on Tuesday January 3, 2017!

October 13: Free Educational Workshop

Have you just completed or are about to complete your Competent Communication (CC) and/or Competent Leadership (CL) manuals and wondering, “Is that it?!” Not by far! The personalized aspect of the program, which you can tailor to YOUR specific goals and style just begins! Perhaps you are only a couple of speeches away from your Advanced Leadership Bronze status and don’t even know it?!

Attend this FREE workshop and get guidance to develop your own strategy, your personal Roadmap to DTM, and learn more about deadlines for completing this track before the new Pathways Education Program fully takes effect.

Roadmap to DTM
Reaching DTM Status, While Optimizing Leadership and Communication Opportunities

Thursday, October 13, 6-8pm
Landmark Building, 1 Market Street, San francisco
Check-in in the Lobby
Hosted by Heather ROmios and Salesforce TM
Facilitated by Katherine Pratt and Lucy Chen, DTMs
Registration link
Refreshments will be served.

How to deliver a memorable Table Topics response

Remember this quote from Craig Harrison when responding to Table Topics questions: “Specific is terrific!” Embellish your answer with specific details and you’ll create a vivid picture for your audience.

Toastmaster Magazine September 2016 “Finding the Funny” by Craig Harrison

This Tip of the Week comes from Donne, Menlo Park Toastmasters member and Sergeant at Arms.

How to Switch Careers without Giving Up Your Seniority

  1. Leverage the halo effect. Recognize that if you’ve been successful in one field, others are likely to view you as being excellent all around and a great candidate in another field.
  2. Make use of your advantages. Take stock of the advantages you’ve built up over the years such as connections that can get you a foot in the door.
  3. Find opportunities where inexperience is a virtue such as companies looking for a major turnaround.

Dorie Clark, “Change Your Career Without Having to Start All Over Again”, Harvard Business Review, 2016.

This Tip of the Week comes from Adrian, Menlo Park Toastmasters member.