Guests are welcome at our club and can provide valuable insight into the culture of our group. Take a look at what some of our recent guests have said:

“The meeting was well run and I enjoyed the variety of speaking styles that were presented. I’m inspired!”

“I found the meeting welcoming, entertaining, and empowering.”

“Thank you for being so welcoming. I’m definitely coming back again.”

“Your meeting was well organized; the feedback was tactful and constructive; it’s a warm community.”

“The stories people told were interesting.”

“I was impressed by the stories people made up on the spot to answer Table Topics questions.”

“The meeting was entertaining, original and I was inspired by the creativity.”

“I thought everyone was very friendly and felt at home.”

“I witnessed friendship, kinship, leadership and relationship!”

“On a scale of 1 – 10 … your club is a 12!” – Jenny Cai Toastmasters C5 Area Governor